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SMO-Tech 12 - Prologue

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

A large white tiled academy building makes the sun's rays shimmer and gleam off of its long clear windows stretching around the institute. Atop of the building a large metal fence surrounded the secluded roof, rattling ever so slightly with the brisk and chilled winds.

The rooftop door, close to the middle of the vast area, swings open. A blonde male wearing a black blazer with no tie laughs while holding hands with a brown-haired female wearing a black and blue sailors uniform. They run with holding hands to the edge of the gate and look to the horizon, melting in with the large skyscrapers of Tokyo's city canvas.

The girl stops laughing and puts a hand on the metal gate before letting out a deep sigh. "Ishiki... Do you think that all that stuff that's going on is true?"

The male turns to her, grabs her by the shoulders and pulls her close to his chest. "No matter what happens Naomi, I'll always be here to protect you."

A smile grows on the girl's lips as she nuzzles her face into the males white dress shirt. The male rests his head onto hers, leaning slightly to right before squinting his eyes.

"... What's that?"

She follows his gaze, them now both staring at a metal briefcase sitting plainly in the middle of the roof floor. The briefcase suddenly expands, with metallic latches making it form into a small cube.

The girl takes a step forward, her eyes still lingering on the transforming metal-case. She stops her advance, as the box now starts to sway back and forth on it’s sides.

The male puts a hand on the girl’s shoulder while nodding his head. “That doesn’t seem safe Naomi… We should call for sensei—“

The girl’s pupils dilate as a large radiant yellow light consume the entirety of the rooftop. Moments after an explosion of intense orange flames consume the area, making the metal gate surrounding the roof fly off the rails and into the air. After the initial explosion, multiple thunderous claps erode from inside the building. As if only a warning, the floor’s windows start to crack, then burst open unleashing a huge inferno of hot air and decimating flames into the air. Stone debris and shards of glass clatter onto the ground, making the green glass twinkle in the sun’s radiant gaze.

Another explosion erupts from inside the school, this one causing the ground around it to rumble and it’s stone foundation to crumble. A black cloud in the shape of a ring forms in the air above the school, as it starts to rattle and fall to the ground clouding the entire campus in smoke.

After several moments the smoke clears, allowing four individuals standing in the schoolyard to be seen. All of them wore black shirts with white and camo military trousers and long black boots.

A husky male in front of the three with the initials ‘DOI’ inscribed onto a black hat with brown letters tilts his glasses forward onto his face with a smirk.

“Looks like my Yatoti bomb was a complete success! That’ll show all those rich fucks who to fuck with!”

A blonde male to his right wearing the same cap sighs with his hands on his hips. “I’m still not following his this is going to get anything done… Do you know how many students we just killed, Shuichi?”

Shuichi turns around with a devious grin taking a step forward so that he and his companion were only a few inches apart.

“Who gives a shit about the numbers? The reason is simple, Toshi—This is, or was, a private school for the elite… Or those with high-status, in a number of different sectors… Political figures, doctors, judges, Chiefs of Police, you know, the big-wigs that control most of the shit in this city…”

“… So you’re expecting all of their parents to grieve and mourn for their students, and thus everything will go back to normal? Do you know how idiotic you sound?”

The two males turn their attention to a female with short-blonde hair styled in a cute bob with bangs covering her eyebrows and brown eyes.

Shuichi leans his head upward with a moan and turns to her. “Here we fuckin’ go with your bullshit Eiko. What is your guys problem, we’re winning this war?!”

“I think you’ve become disillusioned with murder and victory. Despite who their parents are, a lot of young people died today, do you have no remorse?”

Shuichi takes a step back, a small ball of sweat swivels down his fate as his brown pupils dilate.

“T-The fuck…? Are you guys serious? After all the stuff we’ve done, you’re thinking, this, is taking it to far?”

Another heap of rubble breaks several feet behind Shuichi causing another break of smoke to waiver from behind him.

Eiko adjusts her black cap onto her head while looking at a two uniformed girls standing still on the stairway leading to the main-school gate. There shocked gazes met with the cold and piercing light-brown eyes of the female in front of them, causing one of the females to take a slight step back.

Eiko turns around so that her body could fully face the girls with crossed arms. “I thought you said that everyone would be in school during this time, Shuichi.”

“W-What? Don’t blame me for any inconsistencies! As brilliant as I am, I cannot account for everything!” Shuichi blurts.

Eiko turns her head to the right, lookin at the back of a female with long black hair flowing into passing cold winds.

“… Akemi, what should we do? We have witnesses, so…”

Akemi’s head turns upward, looking at an approaching helicopter along with the sirens of several emergency vehicles wailing in the distance.

She walks past Eiko and the two males, planting herself in front of the girls now trembling with widened eyes.

Akemi’s eyes shift from the short-black-haired girl on the left to the girl beside her with two-brown-short ponytails wearing a heart-necklace around her neck.

She moves her hand down to her left hip, unclipping a holster holding a slick-black Glock 17 pistol.

Akemi examines the gun for a moment before pulling back the slide, making large click ring into their ears.

“You’ve seen our faces… And unfortunately we cannot let you leave. You’ll need to come with us, if you attempt to flee, I’ll simply kill you.”

The brown-haired-girl nodded her head with shivering hands and chattering teeth, eying the gun while taking a step onto the next stair.

“M-Miho, we shouldn’t listen to them. O-Our parents will take care of these scum f-for sure, they wouldn’t dare touch us or—“

The girl looks up to Akemi towering over her from the top of the stairs, her silver-cold eyes cause the girl to bite her tongue and take a step backward. Streams of tears run from her eyes and down her cheek as she turns around and starts trotting down the staircase.

“R-Rei, no!” Miho exclaims with a raised hand.

Akemi eyes narrow as she raises the barrel of the pistol, aiming it centered at the fleeing girl’s head.

. . .

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