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Space Patroller Miya - Chapter 1

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

"Yes sir, the children are making excellent progress and are beginning to acclimate to their new genetic enhancements."

The tip of a white-metal cigar gave off a black smoke trail as a pair of brown heart-shaped lips puckered for a puff.

She takes the cigar from her lips and exhales a cloud of black smog. The tip of the pale claro had a ring of red light that faded as she held it close between her slender middle and index fingers.

"I wholeheartedly agree. Time is of the essence... Yes, yes... And what about... Ok, I understand."

The room was dark, clouded with the woman's exhaust as there were no open windows or doors to release it. Her brown-tan eyes look through the translucent waves of gray clouds floating around the room. The dark circles under her eyes make her lack of decent rest evident.

The woman raises her hand and lays the cigar on her bottom lip. The swirling red tip lights up her entire face as her chest inflates from the inhale.

Her skin had a color similar to caramel, most notably her plump lips that were glossy and highly captivating. Her silk-black hair was wrapped into two buns at the top of her hair, quite messy with strands poking out from the sides. A few S-shaped locks were pushed behind both her ears, while some were long enough to reach the bottom of her slender oval-shaped face.

The silver desk and chair she sat at rattled as she pushed back her seat and stood, pacing around the room; A hologram of text reading 'Call in Progress, Superintendent, 24:01..." in red letters hovered by her right ear.

"... If everything goes accordingly, you may have a designated spot on the voting committee, Yamada."

Yamada stops her stride, gazing to the floor with widened eyes and a slightly opened mouth as if taken by surprise.

She then nods her head as if trying to regain herself.

"Y-yes... But I'm humbled by being able to service the COEN anyway I can, Mr. Superintendent."

Her black lab coat outlined with golden grooves shimmered as she continued pacing, covering the sleeveless gray corset showing her tight stomach and long, straight black business slacks stopping at her ankles.

The five-inch black-steel heels revealing only the sides of her feet create echoing clicks with her sudden movements.

"Right... And, yes... I'm sure we won't have to resort to that... Yes..." Yamada nods as a buzz of information continues to whisper in her ear.

Two knocks protrude from the metal door at the front of the room. Then, a young man with beige skin, almond-shaped eyes, and thick-black, upward-fringed hair appears behind the door as it shoots into the wall.

"Ma'am, the Commander's daughter is here for inspection. She's currently getting a tour of the facility but should be here in about fifteen minutes."

Yamada shoos him away with a flick of her wrist while looking in the other direction, causing him to nod as the door lowers in front of him.

"... So, they're here. That's good; they took our offer seriously. Make sure to leave them dazzled. I want to have them begging for our product. Do you understand me?" The voice commands in her ear.

Yamada nods her head. "Understood, Mr. Superintendent. If you excuse me, I must prepare."

She presses a blinking green button at the center of her golden earring, and the hologram beside her face fades down.

The muscles within her shoulders relax as she lets out a deep sigh, collapsing into the chair now behind her.

She rests her neck on the narrow backside of the chair, gazing up to the silvery ceiling.

"Ha... Haha... Ha Ha Ha!"

After a brief moment of silence, she erupts into laughter, then grabs at her stomach with a gasp.

"I might... I might have actually done it..."

A bang comes from the front door, making her jolt out of her chair and stride to the door.

"Yeah, yeah! I'm coming!"

She touches the center of the door, causing it to collapse to the side, making way for the metal-bridged exterior leading to two separate crossings.

The young Asian man from before, wearing the same black and gold lab coat as her, leaned against the guard rail, looking down with a closed-lip smile.

Yamada walks over and leans onto the rail a few inches away.

"Sorry about that, Ayuu; I had another chat with the higher-ups. They're doing daily check-ups for these new clients of ours. I find it quite exhausting."

Ayuu's round eyes and pressed dimples gave him a playful and childlike demeanor. He looks at Yamada and nudges her on the arm with a chuckle.

"Why so serious? We're getting alien clientele; Aren't you just a tad bit intrigued?"

Yamada places the cigar between her lips and inhales, then allows the black smoke to flow from her nostrils like a dragon after casting its flame.

"Not really. The only parties the Ya'valt has associated with are Stellar Alliances of the Japanese."

Ayuu shrugs his shoulders. "... So?"

"So, they have much more government funding and resources than our small American private research group will ever acquire. It makes it quite suspicious why they'd undermine their favorite customers and come to us. I don't want to get in the middle of some inter-political war or something."

"Jeez, Yaya! You need to chillax! From the resource report, all they're coming for is to look at our progress so far with the genetic processing systems along with the first batch. Sure we've never done tests with alien genes before, but hey, so far so good!"

Yamada sighs, allowing the cigar to rest at the side of her mouth with a listless expression. "Don't call me that while we're at work. People might get the wrong idea. You're to call me Ms. Chaou or Director, got it?"

"Yeah, yeah, whatever you say, Yaya." Ayuu flaps his hand in the air and then walks down the railed corridor. "Anyways, let's go check on the playground. I think the children are getting out of class soon."

Yamada sighs and takes the cigar from her mouth, pressing the swirling button at the end, blinking from red to blue, then disintegrating into ash, blowing away from her hand.

"Why didn't I just listen to Ma and finish med school?"

. . .

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