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Ooh La La Cafe - Prologue

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

The clanking of rails and distant chimes of the moving train awaken me from my distant slumber. My eyes glazed from my nap inspect the small train cabin in front of me.

A cozy lodging surrounded by brown wooden walls with a small window to my left, housed four gray leather seats except for the one I was planted in. My eyes gaze down to the small white glass table in front of me. On top of it was a light-brown teapot with floral designs of blue flowers surrounding it’s edges. Near a small cup of white sugar cubes lingered my untouched teacup. The black coffee contents rippled with the continued rattle of the train tracks along with small clacks being heard from my seat underneath.

I lift myself up and look at the mirror pane to my right and gaze at myself, if I’d been asleep long enough for me to forget. My brown-hair had curled edges despite me not doing anything to preserve it, a trait I got from my mother; While my dark-brown eyes shining in the overhead sun’s rays were a gift from my father.

My white shirt was wrapped messily by a red tie around my neck, along with a set of brown trousers. I gaze up at the sun and shield my eyes from the intense rays with a wince.

All of the sudden, I’d forgotten where I was with my eyes widening to the sight in front of me. The train continued to chug along on a long white bridge over a large glimmering blue sea spreading as far as my eyes can see. The greenery of trees below made the sight even more marvelous, the trees swaying to and fro in the spring breeze that of which I cannot feel, but desperately wish too.

A sudden buzz comes from my left pocket, at which I immediately pull out my blue-cased phone to several texts along with a picture. My finger swipes down, unlocking the device as I scroll down the messages then look to a picture of a male with short laid-back hair dyed red giving a peace sign with a smirk.

My eyes look at his surroundings, but I’m only able to make out a blue stone building at his backside. Another text comes to my inbox, making me decide to put in a reply with both my thumbs at the ready of my screen.

“… Yes… I’m studying my German on the way… I think I’m always there… Where are you anyway?” My voice monologues out loud, in case anyone wanted the pleasure of knowing my phone conversation.

I don’t really have that many friends, in fact I only have one friend that I’d known for quite some time now. That being said, the only other reason I’d been using my phone for is to play mobile games and call my parents if I were running home late.

I get a reply in a white bubble with several laughing emojis making my lips curl into a small smirk. My thumbs go back onto the keypad, tapping away at several letters before hitting send.

The train gives off a loud whistle with a steam of smoke whisking past my window. I look to my leftmost window as we pass into a dark tunnel only being illuminated by a beam of white light every few seconds.

A glint of light at the front of the tunnel becomes wider as we continue to shuffle along, until a flash of light covers my vision followed by a large vista of large green trees. My eyes reflect a small rustic town of multiple colored buildings circling a small body of water giving way to a massive ocean in front of it. Bridges made of brown wood and white stone connected different areas of the city along with massive stairs leading into a large castle above the tree line.

The survey of the town stops, with another tunnel covering my window with the train becoming slower and it’s clacks of metal tracks becoming more distant. I decide it’s time to pack up my things, grabbing my leather satchel and placing it on my shoulder, along with a large yet compact black suitcase at my side.

I slide open the door to my room and look down both sides of the empty hallway. The wheels of my suitcase roll down the red-carpet of the train compartment, with my eyes staring at the side windows of the approaching station consisting of people waiting and walking past the incoming train.

With another breath of steam, the train comes to an immediate halt with a squeak of it’s brakes. I stop in front of a pair of glass-paned double doors until they decide to open and allow me exit.

The wheels of my suitcase, once inaudible turn into clacks as they make contact with the gray stone grooved floor at my feet. My eyes glance around at the station as people start to board past me. It’s quite quaint and small, with two ways for trains to arrive at my sides, with a long divider with people sitting on wooden benches in front of me.

My nose lifts as I sniff the air, a pleasant aroma filling my nostrils as I turn to the side. A girl with short black locks wearing a white shirt and black plaid skirt waved her hand in the air with a friendly smile. At her side was a basket full of baked goods, golden brown and smelling fresh as if they’d just came out the oven.

Our eyes meet causing me to look away, but despite that the side of my eye catches her approaching forward. My eyes continue to shift toward the ground, looking down at her black loafers then following up to her long white laced socks stopping a few inches below her dress.

My attention then is shifted to her basket, now with a closer look I’m able to observe several golden-flaked biscuits of all assortments being covered by a elegant white clothe. My nose catches a whiff of the collection; a few of the rolls were embedded with chocolate chips that seemed to somewhat drizzle down the golden ripples. With another sniff I look over to a biscuit with what seems to be a whiter pastry with strawberries sticking out of the fresh whipped cream.

“… Uh… H-hi…”

My eyes glance up toward her, finally making eye contact as she rubs the side of her arm while glancing to the side.

“Ah! Um… My bad… It’s just that… You’re uh, biscuits look so delicious… Ha ha…” I attempt to conceal my impolite ogling.

Her light-brown eyes give me a few subtle looks before reaching into her basket and handing me a dark-brown biscuit. My eyes trail down to her hand then up to her eyes, looking elsewhere.

I decide to take the treat, the warmness of the baked good coating my hand as she bows her head and runs back over to her original position, where several men and women were waiting in line with bills in their hand.

I raise the biscuit up to my face, the scent it gave off was smooth and sweet immediately recognizing it’s chocolaty texture. The biscuit then moves toward my lips then into my mouth, giving it a small bite. The taste makes my mouth water, the softness of the biscuit’s layers melt inside on my tongue causing me to have to, if not want, to take another bite.

Before I knew it, the entire biscuit was but only several crumbs on my lower lips and hand as I savor the last few gulps with a mellow hum. My eyes make contact with the girl who gave me the biscuit, causing her to jolt then turn to the side with an embarrassed shuffle.

“… Thank you…” I mumble below my breath as I walk into a nearby stairwell, leading to the upper terminal.

. . .

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