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Fantasy Gold to Japanese Coin! - Prologue

Updated: Sep 26, 2022


A large dragon lets out a breath of fire past a secluded forest on mountainous terrain.

A female wearing a blue jumpsuit with the abbreviations 'H.E.A.' on the sleeves and back runs through the trees toward the towering beast.

"… Target acquired, Helmsworth Dragon located in Sector 428 on Earth!" She says before taking a long metallic device out of her pocket.

"Any intelligent life in the vicinity of the target, Delta-Two?" Her walkie-talkie located at her side pocket queried.

She presses a button on the metallic device, responding with a loud beep. The screen located in the middle of the device gives the indication 'No Natives in Vicinity.'

"Negative. Location is secured. Engaging the target; Let's give him a Happily Ever After!"


Several more individuals wearing similar jumpsuits to the girl jump from the trees toward the dragon.

"BRAAUR!" The magnificent creature stares down the incoming personnel with red eyes of crimson.

"… Incoming!" The female officer shouts before ducking to the side.

The dragon shoots a volley of fireballs at the officers as they nimbly dodge them while continuing forward.

"Delta-6, in position!" Another female in uniform on the far side of the dragon yells before un-equipping a large bazooka-like weapon from her side.

She clicks the button located under the index rest, and it fires a large rope that wraps around the dragon's torso.

"BRAAUR!" The dragon looks to its rear at the girl before a blazing fire forms at its opened mouth.

Another officer in uniform jumps from the ground, with the earth-shattering beneath him. He takes a smaller gun, but similar in shape and size from his associate and fires it at the dragon's mouth.

"BRAA!—" Before he could let out his attack, his snout is wrapped with a black-colored rope shining a faint blue color.

"… Sorry, but I don't feel like having a barbecue today!" He joked while landing nimbly on the floor beside the girl.

They both fist-bumped each other with smiles behind their opaque masks as several more officers shoot their rope bazookas around the creature.


Several ropes latch around the dragon, making him drop the ground with dirt and clouds of smoke covering the area.

"Delta-Two, reporting in. Helmsworth Dragon has been brought down starting the drop." She reports in her walkie-talkie before unlatching a small grenade-like item from her hilt.

She presses a switch located on top of the item then tosses it near the dragon's torso.


Rays of blue and yellow wrap around the creature from the component before being teleported away instantly.

Delta-Two put both of her hands on her hips with a grin. "This is Delta-Two, successful capture of target. He's now back in Sector 230, known as Euphoria."

"… Excellent work, Delta-team, "Her walkie-talkie bleeped out before responding; "Move onto clean-up, then come back to HQ for further inquisition."

"Aye-Aye!" All of the uniformed officers said in unison.

. . .

A male with short black hair wearing a navy-blue suit with a black tie tilted his brown glasses with a smirk.

"Another successful capture. The Delta team has yet to let me down."

He leans back in his chair with a sigh before looking at several monitors with different teams attempting to collect creatures.

"Elves, Banshees, Minotaurs, even Evil Snowmen. It's our job to keep their existence from the public as they sometimes slip through the cracks in space and reality. Isn't that right, Uima, my dear assistant!"

Uima, at the other side of his office, dips her head as her short-light-pink hair covering her eyes shift forward.

"And as Head Organizer of the project, it's your job to coordinate all assaults… So why may I ask… Coordinator Kunema…"

Her eyebrow twitches before pointing at a hand-held console being played by her superior.

"… Are you busy playing video games while on-duty!"

"EEP!—" Kunema hides the device inside his suit pocket before coughing in his enclosed hand.

"Ahem! Anyways, everything's going well so far… Wait, what's that?"

A screen to the farthest left of him shows a graph different from the others, with the bar going up into the red instead of the green in contrast to its counterparts.

Uema walks forward with a planner held tighter to her chest. "Is that… An anomaly?"

Kunema tilts his glasses before rising from his executive leather office chair; He leans toward the monitor while tapping it several times with his index finger.

"Is this, uh… Thing broken?"

The walkie-talkie on the side of his pocket blared, startling him a bit.

"... Sir! We have a situation, it's in Sector 428; A portal just opened on a civilized island located on the west coast! Sending you the coordinates."

Kunema eyes sharpened as he looked closely at the anomaly; He grabs a paper being printed out to his right. "Earth… And by these coordinates, it's going to open a portal in Japan."

He grabs the walkie-talkie with a hurried expression. "Send in our two best teams, Delta and Alpha to Sector 428. This is a new one, so tell them to be on their guard, who knows what this could be."

"Roger that sir!" The walkie-talkie responded before bleeping out.

Kunema adjusts his tie before walking to his office's windowed door.

"Are we joining them, sir?" Uema rushes behind while leaning forward.

"Yep. I don't know what this could be and I want to see it for myself. That and… If it's in Japan it's a chance for me to visit my younger brother." He smirks while twisting the handle of his office door open.

. . .

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